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K&D’s is Oklahomas #1 wood refinishing company. We specialize in revitalizing old, damaged or dated cabinets to create the appearance of new cabinetry. Our company has mastered a variety of different services and strives to deliver only the best and highest quality product available. We are able to achieve this because we are local, family owned and operated company. Our restoration teams take pride in being considered the best, most professional, polite, and efficient teams in the business. Each of the team members has gone through an extensive training process to be able to identify the type of care needed for each type of wood and the finish there of. 


Our lead-contractors have refinished more than one thousand kitchens & our master craftsman concerning every aspect of the process. This attention to detail creates a quality finish for your cabinetry that a common contractor (not specializing in cabinetry) cannot provide. K&D’s creates a finish that is long lasting and provides you years of worry-free cabinet ownership.




Deciding on a contractor to use for your homes renovation is always a big decision. However, when the average set of kitchen cabinetry is worth $28,000 deciding on a cabinet refinishing contractor to refinish your woodwork is even more difficult. How do you know you’re getting someone you should trust? How do you know the quality of their work will be long lasting? In many cases, contractors make promises and don’t deliver. Contractors may even subcontract out the work, so the team you thought you were hiring is not the team that ends up doing the work.


We never subcontract out the work. The work is performed 100% by our trained team. You can be assured that when it comes to the work itself, we will spend extra time in the preparation of your home as well as the cleanup, so you are left with beautiful cabinets and gorgeous woodwork. We have a total commitment to excellence in every phase of the process, and we make sure that your experience is top notch.



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Why are we so great?..

  At K&D’s Wood Refinishing we are confident in our abilities. We make a lot of claims saying our processes are the most convenient, we have the most highly skilled team and even saying that we are the best cabinet refinishing company out there. A lot of bold claims, but what do we do to back them up? What is it that makes our company so great that we can so confidently make these claims?


Our customers consistently tell us we are the easiest contractors they have ever worked with 

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Superior Product

We don't settle for anything but the best. We believe in creating high quality projects that last

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We can easily direct you towards the best look for your project! We even have the ability to schedule an appointment to consult our designer

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Quality control

Our proprietary systems allow us to maintain a level of quality control that is unmatched in our industry

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Unlike other contracting companies we keep set company hours. Once we start your project we will ONLY be on your project. Most contractors will start your project & try to balance other customers projects at the same time. We make sure you stay our #1 priority the entire time. This allows you to get through your remodel & back to normal life as soon as possible

We are also able to offer our customers financing on their projects to allow you to get your project done without having to pay the entire cost at once. 




Our company was founded as a reaction to the low quality craftsmanship & low product quality typically seen in our industry. We always strive to use the highest quality materials possible to achieve a long lasting beautiful for your project 

We keep up with the latest technology in both liquid material & equipment to ensure we are using the highest quality & most effective solutions on the market! This constant innovation means that we are constantly improving our products, timelines & conveniences for our customers


In the decade since we've been in business we have completed over a thousand projects. We know cabinets inside & out. We keep up with the latest styles but we also strongly take into consideration how the style will age. We try to never recommend something too trendy that you may regret in a few years. Being "Refinishers" we get a chance to see cabinets throughout the decades & have a very good idea of what styles will outlast the latest trends. This unique perspective can help ensure you that you will love your cabinets for years to come!




We have set up systems to ensure consistency throughout all of our projects. We take great pride in being the #1 cabinet refinishing company in Oklahoma. That title does not come without a high level of quality assurance. We even include a 5 year warrantee that covers any damage that YOU CAUSE to your cabinetry. We are able to offer this because we confident our product will hold up to your wear & tear. This ensures that you won't have to worry about using your kitchen & devaluing your investment in your cabinetry.

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